Tips & Tricks

FreeMyApps is the app we all dreamed about when out parents yelled at us for playing too many games or for being online too much! If the fulfillment of your childhood dream doesn’t tempt you, then the fact that this app has over 10 million downloads in Google Play store alone should raise some interest. Of course, you can also download it from Apple Store if you’re an iOS user.

FreeMyApps is an incentivized download system that rewards users with points, gift certificates, gems, and other currencies for trying out other apps. This way, developers have a chance to test their newly released apps and you have the amazing chance of earning something for just playing. After all, why should the attitude ‘no work just for fun’ be so doomed?

But would you trust an app that promises to offer gift cards to real online stores and game currencies for simply testing out the latest free apps out there? It sounds a bit farfetched, right? After all, FreeMyApps is nothing else than a portal for other apps you’ll have to install on your device. But, if you like being updated with the newest releases, this is the perfect app discovery network for you.

Below we’ll discuss some of the most important tips and tricks users discovered along the way and shared so we don’t stumble across the same problems. So, if you really want to give your online money-making career a chance, you should read along.

freemyapps tips and tricks

#1: Rewards are not always the same

Because we live in an unfair world, the FreeMyApps list of profitable apps and videos is different from one operating system to another. Even worse, the list is different from one country to another and as you are further away from the United States, your chances of earning some decent cash get lower.

Now, to improve your chances of success, you have two options:

  • Use a credits generator (we have a great tool that you should check out) – however, you should be careful with the tool you choose. Not all online generators are reliable and safe.
  • Use a VPN solution – this will help you change your current country (virtually) and refresh the list with available apps.

While the generator solution is great and promises huge successes, the VPN solution is also worth a shot. You’ll still have to install apps on your device and watch videos for a few credits, but you’ll still have a chance at getting that gift certificate.

#2: You can cash out

Some users seem to live under the impression the FreeMyApps will only reward users with gift cards and game points. However, the system also uses prepaid VISA cards that can be easily transformed into cash. However, you should know that the conversion rate is quite low (300 credits for $1) and you can only ask for a VISA card when you have $10.

#3: Referrals Are A Great Way to Increase Your Income

If you have a lot of friends and you can convince them to join you on FreeMyApps following your referral account, you may get a decent chance of earning some money. For each referral that clicks on a sponsored ad you’ll get 200+ credits so it is an idea worth exploring. However, you should consider the time it takes you to get a referral and the profit you’re making. If the two don’t add up, this system won’t work for you.

The fact that you can use Facebook and Twitter but also SMS and Email to invite people to join you is a definite advantage for this system.

#4: Don’t forget to clean your device

Testing apps for money is a messy job and you need to be careful. While the apps you’re downloading may be interesting at first, you’ll get bored with most of them and they’ll just be sitting there, getting in your way, occupying memory. So, the best way to deal with this issue is to run a clean round at the end of the day/week/month.

Uninstall any app you’re not using frequently and make sure all files downloaded locally are deleted. Also, try to keep things organized, creating a folder for these apps. This way you won’t have to scroll through your entire list of installed apps to find the ones to remove.

#5: Don’t install apps outside the system

FreeMyApps is an app discovery network and the system works because the available apps are checked and rated by users. However, there will be some apps that will redirect you to the developer’s site. Here, you will be asked to download an .apk package and install it on your phone in order to get the credits.

This is not recommended and you should report said app immediately! You’re not going to get your credits this way and it’s very likely you’ll get your device infected with a virus or any other ill-thought software.

#6: Not every app is a golden goose

Sadly, not all offers are straight forward. For instance, you’ll see there are a lot of surveys available, but the criteria to participate are so strict, only a few people manage to actually take the survey. Not to mention they are very low-paid.

Other apps will try to get you to buy their product in order to get the credits they promised, which is not fair towards the user. That’s why it’s important to read ratings and reviews and try to stay as far away as possible from untruthful retailers.

As you can see, FreeMyApps has some flaws in design, but at the end of the day, it’s a legit network that creates a connection between users and developers. It may not be the most profitable network but the offer is rich and many retailers are serious about offering you the deserved reward. So, if you have the time to be online all day, playing games and scrolling on Facebook, why not try to get some money out of it?