About Us

The plethora of apps for mobile devices that are published every day is overwhelming even for the most avid of gamers/users. Platforms are flooded by all sorts of apps that promise tons of fun and high-quality entertainment, but in exchange, they deliver disappointment and frustration.

To avoid paying for an app you will never use, a new type of network showed up. This comes as an app for Android or iOS and allows users direct access to new apps for free. These new apps may be still in the testing phase or developers may want to measure the public impact, so they are available for you to download and test.

Now, to motivate regular users, platforms such as FreeMyApps promise rewards in cash and gift cards, but the process can be tedious and long. To avoid having your phone flooded with all sorts of apps you only install to earn a few credits, we decided to create a tool that will shorten the road to rewards. Thus, our tools will help you earn unlimited credits which can then be easily transformed into any type of reward you want.